Walking in the early morning.

Hello world!

Hello and welcome to my blog.  I’ve just retired and am pursuing many interests. I love animals and currently have 5 goats:  Harley, Honda, Cushy, Squishy, and Fawn.  They are Overhasli and Alpine.  I just love to walk them and they love to keep the growth trimmed back.  I will be renting them out this year to help others keep their land plant growth trimmed back.  The name of my business will be coming soon. I also have one dog, Bill, the best buddy in the world; two cats, Dori and Pinxy; and two ducks, Huey and Duey. I’m pursuing my love of crochet, knitting, and sewing/quilting.  Started selling at local consignment just prior to Christmas.  Was able to sell some cowls, baby booties, bibs, and fingerless gloves. And so much more:  horse rescue,  gardening, barn and house changes, and etc.  I’m busier than I was at work.  It’s a nice busy. And most important enjoying life with my husband, Jeff, and his pursuit of playing blues music; and my kids and grand kids; Bryce, Allison, Emma, Ella, Ethan, Olivia, and my newest Sophie! So looking forward to this new lifestyle!  I welcome you to come and visit as often as you like.  See you again soon!

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