Bucket update June 6

It’s been a long time!   Here’s what’s been happenin’

I am walking pretty good but there is a long term healing process until my ankle and foot are back to a 2nd thought.  I’ve been walking 2-3 times a week up the road about 2 miles.  The goats get tasty treats, the road looks better, and I get exercise for the foot and ankle….win, win, win!

Arrow, the fillie now horse, is doing so well.  Terrie Ann is riding her daily and really loves her!  I visited her May 21, Wednesday and she looks gorgeous and is acting sooo…much better,

Goats are just a bunch of free radicals that are a substitute for yoga…  They are just great.  Having to encourage them to eat in other pasture because grass is so tall!  Brother!

Watching Sophie on Saturday and Sundays so Mom and Dad can catch up on bills and save for car and house down payment!  Yea!  She is so cute and live watching her!  We’ve been collecting horse stuff for fun!

And I’ve been doing some knitting / crocheting too for birthday, selling, and fun!

so it’s been crazy and fun!  I just love being retired!