Dedication Page for Babe aka Momster

My Sentinel Has a New Lookout

She stood watch at our barn to keep harm away

put up with goats horns, fillies kicks, and ducks in her way.

a wonderful mother for Arrow born right in the grass.

Her warm and silent presence saying “I’m here for you always”

and many conversations we had.

Calling for friends up the road “Can you come play or just scratch my neck this way.”

She was a big flirt, literally wanting to “roll in the hay.”

The plans we made to go on long rides has only been postponed.

For now you are running through hills and green pasture–those beautiful long legs taking you to luscious places to graze and play.

And then at the end of the day, I see my beautiful Sentinal at her new Lookout making sure everything will be okay.

Until we meet again, thank you for being a part of my dreams and watching out over all of us.

I love you Babe aka Momster.

My Wonderful Sentinel Has a New Lookout

My Wonderful Sentinel Has a New Lookout

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